Saturday Coffee

The return of the dreary, cold weather here in Minnesota has been really tough on my mental wellness. The week of warmth that we had did so much to perk me up. I was getting excited about spending time in my yard…and now I’m back to restlessly wandering around my house…staring out windows…playing piano…reading…feeling frustrated and lonely.

Yesterday after work I actually hopped on my treadmill. Only make it about 25 minutes before my “Alaskan Trek” got to be too much for me. Maybe I should have started with a flat walk through the desert or something…lol. I was reminded of how dreadfully out of shape I am…but also how good it feels to sweat….so that’s something.

The usual Saturday rhythm had me dropping Levi off at Svea’s house at 8am. I decided that I was going to try to give myself a better start to my day and I stopped at Curiouser Coffee on my way back home. Ugh. It’s so hard to find things “out in the world” that I find enjoyable doing by myself. I envisioned sitting with my coffee, my tablet, and my book…feeling all cozy…maybe writing…maybe reading…instead I wrote while I people-watched. What’s wrong with that you say? Well, I was literally the only person that was there solo…and that started to feel shitty pretty quickly…and my poem about getting coffee on a Saturday morning took a turn. I’m going to try again, but bring earbuds so that I can be less distracted.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Sitting in the coffee shop
Saturday morning brew

Wet and cold outside
Winter lingering
Won’t let go

Sitting at my table
Soaking in the atmosphere

Watching as others
Wander in
Wipe the wet from their faces

Solidarity in our quest to
Secure our
Sweet morning elixir


Swirling in my

Wet eyes
Watching a

Senior couple
Shuffle in
Stars undimmed in their gaze

Wife leads the
While husband follows

Smooth and easy together
Symmetry developed

Words blessedly unfelt

Lucky them.

I did treat myself to a new plant at the coffee shop. Her name is Judy Bloom. She is a monstera who hasn’t swiss-cheesed her leaves yet (the leaves get slits in them as they get more sun)…so I’m anxious to watch her.

I think my house has been feeling very empty and quiet and buying plants is my way of filling it with life and beauty. There are worse things I guess. I have a few in my kitchen that are blossoming right now…and a cactus that is on the verge.

Seth has been making an effort to spend more time with me…which I appreciate. Usually we watch tennis together. There wasn’t any on tonight so we started watching the Netflix Series Breakpoint…which highlights some of the players on the tour. I stayed awake though three episodes…so it must be pretty good!

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