To Mom and Dad (10/9/21)

When you think of me
I know your hearts are sad.
But I loved you more than anything,
Mom and Dad.

You taught me how to swing a bat
Eat all my peas
Hit the ball
Right off the tees

You were my biggest hero
In my athletic career
For every game and match
In the stands you’d cheer.

You taught me how to be a man
How to live with integrity
Stand up for what I believe in
Let no one pressure me.

You taught me how to be a husband
I had an amazing wife
We loved each other and were so happy
All our married life.

You taught me how to be a dad
To my sons and daughter
The greatest blessings of my life
I was a very lucky father.

Someday when you look at my pictures
I hope that you can grin
Although my life was way too short
I’d do it all again.