Eulogy for My Husband–Wish for Our Children

Jason and I were just 18 when we met. He was a computer geek with these huge glasses and was on the tennis team…a sport I knew nothing about…had never even watched a match.

We just clicked. Jason was pretty quiet and unassuming. He was serious about his school work. He liked hanging out with his friends, but was no party animal. Pretty similar to me actually.

I think the thing I found so attractive about him was how sure of himself he was. He knew who he was, what he wanted to do in life, and was very comfortable and unapologetic. Most people liked him but if they didn’t it was their loss. He stayed true to himself…always.

I don’t know why in the world he was attracted to me because I was the opposite. No idea what I wanted to do with my life. Bopped around from interest to interest, hobby to hobby, job to job. Insecure about myself.

He saw to the heart of me. Accepted me. Loved me unconditionally even when I was having a hard time loving myself. He became my touchstone…my true North.

Words were never Jason’s strong suit. But his simple actions always showed how much he loved me. He knew my moods and how to “handle” me. When to hand me my running shoes, pour me a glass of wine, leash up the dogs for a hike in the woods, hold me tight.

He loved our children just as fiercely. From the first time he held Anna he was dedicated to being the very best Dad he could possibly be. Nothing brought him more joy than spending time with the kids. Whether it was playing with them on the floor when they were babies…rocking them to sleep…changing their diapers. To playing catch with them in the yard…tennis in the driveway…ball games…band concerts…chess tournaments…speed cubing competitions…marching band shows. He was there for it and so very proud of all three of them.

Anna, Seth, and Levi your Dad and I always strove to be role models to you of what a happy, loving relationship looks like. It’s supporting each other in endeavors whether it’s playing in USTA Nationals or running a marathon. It’s kissing in front of your kids even when they think it’s gross. Always going on dates. Quiet evenings on the couch. Listening to each other. Compromising. Sacrificing. Taking care of each other. Patience. And sometimes love is tears.

Our wish for you is that when the day comes when you find love like this your will take the leap…take the chance…grab on tight. Even if your love is cut short way too soon it will have been worth every second.

Jason, my love, I have no regrets. I would dance this dance with you again.

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