Tennis and Fairy Tales

This morning Facebook reminded me that 8 years ago today I was watching Jason play tennis. I would guess from the picture that it was a USTA match at Baseline. Man how I loved watching him play…especially once the kids got older and I wasn’t trying to keep them occupied and quiet on the sideline…lol

Today, I got to watch Levi play in the first match of their season. He is playing 2 singles for Eastview this year. I love to watch him too and can catch so many glimpses of his Dad in the way that he plays, although Jason’s game was doubles! Jason’s Mom and Dad came to watch the match and one of his friends from school. After the match, I turned around and one of Jason’s tennis partners and a friend from way back was standing behind me…Barb (the one standing on Jason’s left in the picture below). I was so stunned. I know I gave her an awkwardly long hug….like I could feel her try to let go at one point, but I just wasn’t done yet. I had been thinking about her just a few days ago for some reason, and then there she was. Made a trip down from White Bear to watch Levi. I did okay chatting with her a little bit and then just started to lose my shit…can you say hot mess? I shooed her away before we both became real disasters, but it was so good to see her…and I hope I didn’t scare her away. Levi won BTW 6-1, 6-0.

I got to spend some nice time outside after the match. And got to writing a poem about one of the ideas that has been rolling around in my head the past few days…happy endings.

Fairy Tale

Everyone wants a happy ending
The fairy tale
The ride off into the sunset

Then tragedy hits
The prince is gone
And darkness falls

Loneliness overwhelms the princess
Alone in her tower
Befriending the plants and the birds

Unrecognizable to herself
Her kingdom in shambles
Her crown tarnished and tilted

The plot twists
A cliffhanger
A new chapter

But the princess is lost
In the fog of grief
Without her prince

The weight of the kingdom
Heavy on her shoulders
Paralyzing her

Her most trusted advisors
Tell her to leap
But her trust in the world is shaken

Her poor kingdom has suffered enough
One more blow
Means permanent decimation

So she withers
Like a grape
On the vine too long

Her full potential
Yet to be written
The pages left blank

Waiting for the princess
To write her
Own ending.

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