Easter Evening

Just sent Anna on her way back to school…and I’m exhausted. My “sit and do nothing” morning didn’t last long once she got out of bed. She knew all the things that I wanted to get done today and prodded me to get moving. She finished organizing my junk drawers in the kitchen. A project that I had no intention of doing this weekend…but then there was an egg hunt on Friday night…with over 80 eggs…and drawers were emptied…and most of the eggs were found…sigh

Once I wasn’t stressing over the state of my kitchen anymore we headed outside. The boys came out and helped and we got my fire table off the deck and into my gazebo. Then we had to take a break to go to brunch…yes, we were the ones at Barley and Vine that looked like we had just come from doing yardwork…oh well. When we got back we finished getting my gazebo put together…got the grill up on the deck…and put together the new bar table I got for the deck. My “spaces” are all ready for me.

It’s times like today I love….when the three of them get along and come together to help me with things that they know are important to me. Will any of them sit in my gazebo? Probably not. But they know how important it is to me. They do really like the table I found for the deck. I think it will be a good spot to have some time with each of them. Anna comes home again the first weekend in May and is looking forward to helping me with plants then. She said she isn’t going to work that weekend so she will be able to give me all her time 🙂

I’m sad that Jason is missing this stage of parenting…when the older two are young adults…and Levi is just on the cusp…and I can see the “actual people” they are. Anna’s independence and drive are awe-inspiring. Yet she is so generous and intuitive. Seth’s intelligence, sense of humor, and easy going demeanor attract people to him like bees to honey. Add to that his sensitivity and empathy and he is so easy to be around. At only 15, Levi is still figuring himself out in a lot of ways. He still relies on me for a lot, but also takes me for granted a lot of the time. He’ll help me with things, but only if he’s in the mood. I see a lot of his best qualities in the way he treats his girlfriend. The respect and love he shows her make me so proud of him.

The three of them can get along really well…when they try. Anna and Levi tend to have very similar, more dominant personalities….which can lead to some conflict…but they also have some similar interests. Anna’s more extroverted personality tends to drive introverted Seth nuts. He spends more time in his room when she is home. He also tends to just give in to whatever his brother and sister want. I have to be more cognizant of making sure he isn’t getting overlooked in the mix.

I hope everyone had a good Easter!

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