Easter Morning

I can sit for hours and “do” nothing. It’s a new talent in the past few months…since I bought my new desk really. I spend hours here…sitting here…usually with a couple dogs at my feet…watching the birds at the feeder…the squirrels underneath. Today Jason’s blue jays are decimating the peanuts I put out for them. The chickadees are enjoying any small seed or nut they can fit in their beak and fly away with. Three kinds of woodpeckers are at the suet. A pair of cardinals stopped by before the blue jays scared them away. Finches and nuthatches flitting in for their breakfast as well.

Sometimes I listen to music while I sit here. This morning it’s Dermot Kennedy in my ear buds. He’s usually my pick when I’m feeling lonely…out of sorts…and know I just need to sit in that for awhile. He sits with me a lot in my sadness.

Sometimes this is where my poems are born…and there are a few lines turning themselves over in my brain…but nothing ready for the page yet.

Today is Easter. The kids and I are going out to brunch. I’m also hoping they will help me out in the yard. I really want to get my gazebo set up now that it seems like Spring is finally here. Easter was always a quiet holiday for us. We usually never even did a big meal. Most of the time we spent it outside. Going to the park for a walk…bringing a picnic with egg salad sandwiches. A lot of times Jason’s brother Jeremy would be with us. Now it’s just the four of us…and I’m taking my time this morning before the kids are up to be sad about that.

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