California Days 1-2

The boys and I made it to Cali on Sunday morning. First order of business was finding food for a “starving” 15 year old! We found a cute little brunch spot. It had a patio outside that was unoccupied because it was “chilly”. We told the server that we just flew in from Minnesota…for the love of God put us outside! We thought the weather was perfect for eating outside. More brave souls started to sit outside as well…and they turned on the patio heaters. Cali blood is weak…lol. We also discovered at brunch that in Cali it is unheard of to order a chaser with Bloody Mary’s. The waitress looked at Cheryl and I like we were nuts. We ended up ordering a bottle of beer to split with our Bloody’s. So interesting!

Other than that…we went grocery shopping and got settled into our house.

Yesterday was day 1 of tennis. We watched a couple matches and I got to watch one of my favorite players practice…Mateo Berrettini. I mean…his TENNIS is just beautiful…lol.

The boys are happy. It is so nice to see their smiles. Tennis and lots of time with their uncle checks a lot of boxes for them. I’m doing okay. I can feel my sensitive Seth keeping his eye on me. Never denying me when I need to lean in on him just a little bit.

Coincidentally, Levi’s girlfriend is here at the same time. They were able to watch a little tennis together yesterday

Today is another tennis day!


The sun seeps in
Bringing warmth
To a body
Gone cold

Alien environment
Lemon tree
Mistaken for an orange
Until too late

Bit into the juicy flesh
Every cell of my body
United in the same thought

Instead of friendly maples and oaks
Lending their shade
The landscape is dominated
By cacti of all shapes and sizes

Palm trees stand sentinel
Their fronds bursting from the top
Like a sleepy child’s bedhead
Unruly and comical

No sign of lush grassy lawns
Sand rules every landscape
The patches of grass
Struggle to hold on

In the distance
Purple giants
With white hats

The absence of blue
Is startling
Lakes, rivers, ponds

There are bushes filled
With pink flowers
I applaud them for softening
The edges of the drab

How is it that thousands
Call this place home
But the environment feels
So desolate

California desert
Harsh beauty
Unapologetic fight
For survival

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