Love this Book

Last night in my melancholy restlessness I went to Barnes and Noble. Just had to escape my house, where nothing was feeling right. I picked out two new books of poetry. One of them was this one:

Now I learned how to read when I was 3 and have degrees in both English Literature and Library Science and I have been told from a very tender age to “never judge a book by it’s cover”. Utter bullshit. I judge every single book that I read by it’s cover. I also very rarely pick up a book by a male author, but that’s just prejudice. I love music by male artists more than female artists…so…it balances out??

Anyway….female poet…and this cover…done deal. I love the “nature Medusa” look with her hair all leaves and flowers in my favorite colors. And she looks so peaceful. And then the eyes in the leaves….intriguing. I had to read it and see what this poet is all about. Such powerful poems filled with pain…loneliness…betrayal…self-doubt…and then also re-birth and self-love. Even in her most pain-filled poems there is an underlying grit…and encouragement to never give up…and to look to nature for solace and comfort. Loved…loved…loved it.

The other book I haven’t delved into yet….but it is completely opposite of this one…so I’ll have to update you once I jump in.

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