Forever and Never

It’s cold. Snowy. Haven’t seen the sun in…..I don’t know how long. Constant clouds for days. Before I wouldn’t have minded the excuse to just stay in. Netflix and chill…so to speak. Now I am feeling the melancholy. The chill that doesn’t want to go away. I come home from work and layer on the clothes…winter cap lives on my head. Missing Jason’s warm torso to warm up my hands…he was always willing to sacrifice his comfort for my warm fingers. Light candles around the house. And I don’t know how I’m going to get through winter. Restless in my house…but it’s worse to go out. Pour a glass of something to warm me up from the inside out and maybe dull the pain…fill up the void. Put up some Holiday decorations…lights on the deck…try to find some cheer…and then spend all evening in our bedroom…lonely. Listen to music…try to find a kindred spirit in the lyrics.

Forever and Never

Forever and never
Words whispered
Between lovers
Sharing breath
And a pillow

I will love you forever

I could never live without you

But they were not
To save you
As you took your
Last breath
Tears soak the pillow

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