Another Poem

I’m all about the poems this week.

How Are You?

How are you?
How have you been?
Haven’t seen you since
Who knows when.

I want to hide
The silence stretches
My breath hitches

Should I gloss over the truth?
What do I say?
Do you know Jason’s gone
And I am just surviving day to day?

Should I open myself more?
Share my fragile feelings-
Without my Love
I’m floating with no ceiling

Looking down on myself
Not recognizing my life
A stranger in my body
Am I still a wife?

But you probably don’t want to hear that
Just making small talk
Waiting..staring at me for an answer
Wondering why I balk.
And so my mouth opens
And the syllables I hear
The pat answer I give
“I’m hanging in there”

And you turn away
In satisfaction
And my heart is racing
From your innocent question

Deep breaths
You’re fine
Get through work
Glass of wine
My mantra
Time after time
On repeat
I’m fine


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