Thank You

Thank you to everyone who checked on me this weekend…let me know you were thinking about Jason…shared a memory. Thank you especially to my “angel in disguise” who drove to meet me at 9:30 on a Saturday night so that we could go out and toast Jason with a couple old fashioneds…and then told me in no uncertain terms that if I ever call her and say “sorry for bugging you” again she will “kick me in the shin”.

I tried my damndest to focus on good memories and happy times this weekend, but nothing is more sad…more final…than a birthday no longer celebrated…a number forever frozen…stopped way too soon. I’m so thankful that I was by his side for 25 of those years…raising our family…enjoying adventures and quiet times…happy times and sad times. I can honestly say that we never took a second of it for granted…we knew what we had…how lucky we were…and would comment on it often. How we were so thankful circumstances aligned and brought us together move-in weekend our Freshmen year at UW-Eau Claire.

When Jason was sick we would lie in bed and I would be crying about how “this isn’t fair”…and Jason in all his wisdom and grace…even with terminal brain cancer…would say “cancer doesn’t care” and point out to me that kids get cancer all the time…and that DEFINITELY isn’t fair. So…yes…while 43 years was not enough…he accepted that it was all he was given…and I miss him so much.

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