Our Song

Yesterday this quote popped up in my Facebook feed.

It resonated deeply with me. So tonight…when I should be sleeping, but sleep can be such a fickle bitch…I’m up trying to put my pain somewhere else…and for me that’s poetry.

Our Song

When the pain grows so big
It’s all I can feel
Time moves on but
Neglects to heal

I’m trying so hard
To find peace in this place
But tears keep on chasing
Each smile from my face

And as one year without you
Has come and gone
I feel more and more
Like I don’t belong

Our life was so beautiful
A symphony a song
We sang the melody
And the world played along

When my voice was weak
Yours was so strong
And as you forgot the words
I was there to lean on

Now I open my mouth
And nothing comes out
Our song has been silenced
Every note

And solo is so lonely
Every night alone
Not interested in a duet
Perfection’s come and gone

So as I wait for time to take me
I’ll hum our melody
And when we’re reunited
Our voices will sing free

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