House is Done!

Two years ago yesterday I took Jason to the ER because he was suddenly very confused and couldn’t form a coherent sentence. Turns out that the culprit was a seizure caused by swelling in his brain and another tumor/regrowth of the first tumor that necessitated a second surgery. When Jason was released from the hospital on Oct. 8 (his 43rd birthday) his quality of life was never the same. His vision was horribly affected. He was no longer able to drive, or even read easily. Tennis…his passion…was out of the question. My heart hurt for him so bad as he lost more and more of his independence. This time of year, as we approach his birthday, will always remind me of that turning point.

And of course, even when my mind keeps wandering back to 2020 life keeps happening here in 2022. One spot of good news…my siding, deck, and gutters are now completely finished. Deck railing were installed yesterday and gutters today. Just in time to get ready for winter…sigh.

So one big stress checked off the list…and some more added. Linc hurt his paw running down the deck steps after a squirrel on Sunday night. I took him to the ER Vet who determined he hurt something in his paw/wrist/metacarpal area. No fracture showed up on the xray. We were hoping it was just a sprain, but he isn’t improving…so he gets to visit his regular vet tomorrow to determine what next steps are. Poor guy is limping around and is so very sad. Hopefully the vet can get him feeling better tomorrow.

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