Labor Day Weekend 2022

Weekends are rough…especially holiday weekends. When “everyone else” is doing fun things with family and friends…and I’m staring at a calendar with three full days of “nothing”. And it’s not like we had any big Labor Day tradition…we would have just enjoyed the long weekend in each other’s company…doing whatever we decided to do…whether it was yardwork or going for a hike.

This time the weekend turned out pretty good. Levi’s girlfriend was Up North at the cabin, so he spent most of the day on Saturday and Sunday with me. On Saturday he helped me get my gazebo sanctuary set up. It turned out so good. I am completely happy with it!

It feels very private and peaceful kind of nestled back in the trees. I have birdfeeders and a bird bath back there and have plenty of birds flitting about. The Court 8 sign I brought home from work. A few of our tennis courts were recently converted to pickleball courts. We had some extra court signs so I brought this one home. 8 for August…our anniversary month…and 8 for Jason’s birthday…Oct. 8th.

The firetable is perfect to flip on this time of year when the sun starts going down. I can literally sit out there for hours…or until the mosquitoes chase me in.

Jason would be very happy that I have my gazebo sanctuary back. He knew how much I enjoyed spending evenings out there recharging my batteries with a fire, a book, and a bottle of wine. Sometimes he would be out there with me…at least for a bit…but usually he would head into the house and have some time to himself as well.

On Sunday, I started out my day with breakfast with a friend. Then Levi and I made ribs on the grill and he made Monster Cookies for his girlfriend. She is gluten intolerant and he wanted to make her something without flour so that she could eat it. There are so many times as a parent that I worry that I have “messed up” our kids somehow…watching Levi with his girlfriend is not one of those times. It is one of those times when I am mentally giving Jason a high-five that we did something right in the modeling of a loving relationship to our children. He is the most considerate and respectful of boyfriends…supporting her in her interests…going to her tennis matches…making sure we have food she can eat. They are always smiling and having a good time together.

Today, I spent time with my sister-in-law Jackie. We both appreciate a good hang-out with a few drinks on a patio. She also pulled some weeds with me…says she finds it relaxing…I don’t get it…lol. After she left I hung outside with the dogs…tossed the ball for Emmett about a million times. The new fence is such a game changer!

Back to work and back to school tomorrow. I know it will be a challenging week with the change of routine and trying to find a new rhythm…again. Hopefully, I will also have new siding by the end of the week! I am sooo ready for the house project to be done!

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