Powerful Memories

Today was another day where I was pulled between memories of the past and the present. The kids and I worked a lot out in the yard this morning. It felt really good to be working together as a team. The fence posts are being installed in a week! Seth reassured me that we are making good progress and that everything will be set to go. We also had birthday dinner for Seth tonight with family and friends. There were a lot of smiles and laughs.

I kept getting pulled back here though…

where Jason and I were a year ago. Dancing to our song one last time at Jeremy and Cheryl’s wedding. His attention completely on me. His hands on my waist. His eyes locked with mine. Not speaking many words past “I love you”…but his eyes saying so much more…the most painful of which was “goodbye”.

One of my most precious memories…and one of the most painful.

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