Weekend Surprise

Today I had my weekly appointment with my therapist. It started very similarly to last week. Her asking how my week was and me just talking and crying. I had a few specific things on my mind today that she helped me talk through a little bit. Somehow she’s really good at both validating my feelings and helping me see things from different perspectives and that helps “unwind” me a little bit I think. Jason was really good at doing that for me as well…which I actually didn’t connect until I just wrote that. Maybe that’s why I find her so easy to talk to. There’s just something about her demeanor that reminds me of him.

Anna surprised me today by coming home for Mother’s Day weekend! Tomorrow we are going down to Red Wing to visit with my in-laws. On Sunday I will have time to spend with her in the morning before I go to work and she heads back to school. It is always the best when the kids are all home.

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