Jason’s Bench

Sometimes I try to remember the last time I was really happy. I think it was two years ago, right around this time. Maybe an odd time to feel happy as the world was freaking out about Covid. Gyms were shut down, so I was home on furlough. Jason was working from home. The kids were schooling from home. It was a fearful time for a lot of people, but I just felt secure in my bubble where nothing bad could possibly happen to my family. We played games together. Did puzzles together. Went for walks. I loved that Jason was working at home and I could pop down the hall and give him a quick kiss whenever I wanted to. I can still picture him sitting there and the smile he would give me when I walked in the room.

And then my bubble burst…and it wasn’t Covid that burst it, but cancer. I want my happy, floating in a bubble, days back.

Spring is supposed to be a time of hope, rebirth, renewal, all that positive crap. I feel none of it. I look outside and literally all I see is months worth of dog poop that was hidden under the snow and a list of other jobs to get done. In the past, Jason and I would have tackled it all together…just like we did everything. The two of us were a team. We would spend the time talking about our plans for the yard or house…our dreams…the kids…everything and nothing. Now, I hired a service to come de-poop my yard…and well…I’ll get to the rest of it.

Today Jason’s Mom and Dad came up for a visit. They wanted to see the kids while they are home on Spring Break and also check out all the work we’ve been doing in the inside of the house the past couple months. We were also surprised to find out that the City installed Jason’s bench at Scott Park (corner of 140th and Galaxie) in Apple Valley. The kids and I, Jan and Kent, and Jeremy and Cheryl all went to check it out. Thank you to Jeremy and Cheryl for tirelessly working (fighting) with the City to get the bench installed. It is perfect and I’m so glad that the timing worked out for us all to go see it today.

If you are in the area and feel so inclined as to stop by Jason’s bench, I would really like it if you would take a picture and send it to me.

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