Sad, Sweaty Sunday Morning

Ugh…my workout backfired on me today. I did some intervals on my treadmill and then even gloved up and hit the bag for awhile…like 5 minutes…cuz holy shit I’m out of shape…but I was trying to find my inner bad ass again. I was all sweaty and red-faced enjoying my exercise endorphins and then went upstairs and for half a second was expecting Jason to be up there. And of course he wasn’t and suddenly I’m sitting on the floor crying with the dogs all over me trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with their Mom now.

Jason and I had this banter we would have done. I would have come upstairs. He would have said, “Have a good workout Babe?”. I would’ve said yes and then tried to get close to him and give him a kiss. At which point he would tell me how sweaty and stinky I was and I would say, “But sweat is sexy”. I always thought he was sexy when he was out sweating on the tennis court after all!

Levi and I are gong out for breakfast today. Hopefully that will pick my mood back up a bit again.

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