Dinner With Anna

I’ve been quiet this week I know….pulling into myself. Spinning in my head instead of processing through writing. Part of it is that I started dragging myself out of bed early in the mornings and getting a workout in before I go to work. By the time 8pm rolls around I am fighting to keep my eyes open, but I do feel better throughout the day…especially since I have been working on eating healthier as well. Trying to take control over some aspect of my life when everything else feels out of control. Unfortunately, getting tired earlier in the evening has not translated to sleeping better at night.

I’ve been trying to get in to see a counselor. My grief group has been great, but I’m feeling like I could use something more than that. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any success in getting an appointment. The first place I called never got back to me and the second place said they aren’t accepting new patients right now. Super frustrating….and really hard to keep myself making those calls…just another item on the list of “Shit I Don’t Want to Do”.

Levi and I got to have dinner with Anna and her friend Olivia tonight. Their band is touring this week…playing at a few high schools in the Twin Cities area. I picked them up from their hotel and took them to Red Robin. Olivia is from a really small town in Wisconsin and was excited to go there. It was nice getting to see Anna. She has Spring Break in a few weeks and will be home again.

Tomorrow I get to pick up my ring from the jeweler. I am looking forward to having it back on my finger!

One thought on “Dinner With Anna

  1. Try Christian Heart Counseling in Burnsville. I filled out the form online one night, received a call the next day, and had an appt with a counselor within a week.


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