New Years Eve

Yesterday was the day I *almost* said “eff it” and just didn’t get out of bed. Thank you to everyone who gave me a pep talk on Facebook. Your kind words brightened my day.

These past few weeks have been especially hard for me. Everyone in Holiday mode…work has been busy and stressful…lots of people off work and/or school coming into the Club…coworkers sick or taking PTO. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of great friends at work who give me hugs and a shoulder to cry on, but being at a public desk all day long is also emotionally exhausting…a lot of putting on the “happy mask”….pretending everything is all right.

January will bring a lot of change again. My work schedule changes on Monday. I’ll be going in to work an hour earlier. Levi also goes back to school on Monday. I won’t be able to give him a ride to school anymore so Anna or Seth will have to give him a ride…hopefully no one oversleeps. Seth moves to Wausau mid-January to start school. Anna is home until the end of January. How Levi is going to get to school come February I have no idea…always things to figure out.

Tonight we are going to say goodbye to 2021 with Jeremy and Cheryl. I hope you all have a Happy New Year.

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