New Year

Today at work I heard more than one comment about the new year coming up. People ready to put an end to 2021…saying 2022 has got to be better after all. Well, even though 2021 was not a great year by any means for me and my family, it is also the last year that we will have any memories of Jason. I don’t want to move on from it…put more distance between us.

A New Year

2021 is coming to a close.
2022 is near.
A lot of people have hope
It will be a better year.

I don’t want to move on-
Don’t want to gain distance
Get further away
From your existence.

My mind knows time will heal.
My heart doesn’t believe it-
Broken in too many pieces
To be at all optimistic.

When I look to the future
All I see is blank space-
Hopes and dreams gone
Like they’ve all been erased.

Years stretch on before me-
Decades of loneliness.
I’d like to move backwards-
Time with you was bliss.

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