Vehicle Anxiety

Another sleepless night last night. So many worries…anxiety…decisions. Without Jason to talk with and ease them…unravel me…bring me down when I get so worked up…everything compounds. This week it’s my kids’ vehicles. I worry about them driving in the winter weather. Where before I had some trust…some faith…that they would be okay…now I know the bad things that can happen to good people…and I am sick with anxiety every time they drive in weather. It’s supposed to snow all day today. Anna was supposed to have the day off, but her boss switched her schedule so now she’s working…and I’m worried.

Obviously, living in MN just not driving every time it snows is not reasonable, so I’m looking into trading in Jason’s car and Anna’s car for vehicles with AWD. Normally, not hard to do, but as everyone knows there’s a shortage of cars out there right now. Of course there is. And trading in Jason’s car comes with it’s own set of emotions…not only for me, but for the kids…I haven’t discussed it with them yet…ugh.

And then to compound the car situation Anna got pulled over last night on her way home from work. Literally the same situation as when I got pulled over. Officer came to the window and said “I see you’re not Jason. You’re free to go”. I’m glad that they are doing their jobs…trying to keep drivers with revoked licenses off the road…but ooofff. I’m just glad that it had happened to me first so that she knew what was happening. She took it a lot better than I did.

Better pour another cup of coffee and get ready for work.

One thought on “Vehicle Anxiety

  1. I get it. I am such a baby about driving in winter weather ever since spinning out on the highway. Knowing that it most definitely can happen to you or someone you love really makes you think twice about endangering yourself or your loved ones just to get somewhere. Do the vehicles that the kids drive have good winter tires? It is truly amazing how huge of a difference that can make. When they sell cars they don’t factor in that the car is being sold in Minnesota. They just a slap on tires that will be fine in perfect weather, not accounting for snow. They can look like they have fantastic tread and still be sucky for winter driving. If you can’t get multiple vehicles with AWD during a vehicle shortage, maybe getting great tires put on could be the next best thing? Love you!


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