My Car is Mine!

Well, I thought I was going to have a semi-relaxing “me” day today…laze around the house…not get dressed…that sort of thing…so. very. wrong. Instead I spent hours at the Honda dealership finalizing my “divorce” with US Bank. After multiple phone calls with them in the past month…dealing with the hassle of even getting them to talk to me…having them turn off my auto pay without telling me…I finally thought I had it resolved…my payments set up to keep paying the lease every month until it ends in September. Nope, today they called me and told me continuing the lease is not an option since it’s in Jason’s name. I either need to turn the car in or pay it off. What?! Why was I not told this before by any of the other people I have talked to in the last month??

I got off the phone and just broke down. I knew that I needed to get my car taken care of TODAY for my mental health and that I had reached my mental and emotional capacity to deal with it by myself…so I called in backup…aka Jeremy. Cheryl let me steal him for the afternoon so he could go sit at the car dealership with me and get my car taken care of. It took hours and the guy at the dealership having to talk to THREE separate people at US Bank to even get the payoff quote…but I now own my car IN MY NAME…and don’t have to deal with those US Bank f’ers anymore. Merry Christmas to me. Given a choice I will NEVER finance anything through them again.

I’m grateful to Jeremy and Cheryl today for being there when I needed them during this busy time of year. Most things I can deal with by myself…and really need to just to prove to myself I’m capable…but I guess there is strength in realizing there’s also a time when it’s okay to call in “backup” even if all the “backup” does is sit next to me while I write out a big check 🙂

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