Empty Chair

Tonight I went to the Empty Chair service at River Valley Church. It is a special service that they have for people who are missing someone this Holiday season. Jeremy and Cheryl were there as well and I think the three of us would all agree that it was a very worthwhile experience. It was moving. It was touching. It was healing. I’m already planning on going again next year. I sobbed like I haven’t sobbed since Aug 4th at 8:22am…but I felt like I was surrounded by love…and like it was a cry that was a long time coming.

A few things that the pastor said that stuck with me…grief is the result of losing great love…there is a time for grief…grief cannot be rushed…grief will come and go…people who have not experience grief cannot understand it. Many of those things I already knew or had experienced, but it was very validating hearing him say it.

The next few days will be busy! Tomorrow night I am going to a Christmas party with my grief counseling group. I am looking forward to that so much! I haven’t seen the majority of the ladies in person for months since all of our meetings are over Zoom. I really am looking forward to it. Hugs…tears…laughs…it will be great.

Saturday Anna is coming home! I can’t wait to squeeze that girl!!!

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