Off to College

Well, it’s official. Seth was accepted to North Central Technical College in Wausau, WI and will be pursuing his Associate’s Degree in Software Development. His first day of class will be Jan. 24th. We’ll move him to Wausau the weekend of Jan 15/16.

This feels so much harder on me than it did when Anna started her Freshmen year in Aug. 2020. A lot of it has to do with Jason being gone now, but it is also just a difference in kids I think. Seth is my Peter Pan kid. The one who I know would be perfectly happy living in my basement and not growing up. He’s the quiet one. The sensitive one who feels so deeply and holds his cards so close to his chest. The one I worry about.

He is also the one that worries about me. Who says to me point blank, “But Mom what will you do when I leave? Will you be okay? Who is going to help you get Levi where he needs to go?” I just tell him how proud his Dad would be of him right now and how proud of him I am…even if I am sad…and that he needs to spread his wings and not worry about me. I can tell he’s excited and that makes me happy.

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