Christmas Party

This morning I am exhausted….and maybe a titch hungover…but I’m grinning ear to ear as I’m sipping coffee out of my new red Santa mug.

My Baby Girl is on her way home from school this morning. She made a point to leave early enough to be home in time to go out to Saturday breakfast with the boys and I. We all love our new Saturday breakfast tradition. Once she is here I think she’ll help me get a little more Christmas spirit going in the house.

Last night my grief counseling group met for a Christmas party at my friend Terri’s house. Oh my goodness! It was so much fun! It was almost 3am when I got home. In a lot of ways we are the oddest mix of women. And it’s so strange to me how quickly we have become so close…and also that I have all of these really good friends that Jason has never met…yet he was the one that brought us together. We just all take emotions as they come. We laugh. We cry. We listen to each others stories and get to know each other’s loved ones through them. We all understand the need to talk about our people…to keep them alive through memories and stories….to say their names often.

I have a lot of hope for a good day today.

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