A Good Sunday

I had a good day today. Sometimes when I have a good day it is hard not to feel guilty about it. How could I possibly have a good day without Jason? But, you know what? He wants me to be happy. You know how I know that? Because he is constantly still taking care of the kids and I. I feel that very strongly. He puts people in my path at just the right times. I get texts from people with the exact words I need to hear. I feel like I can’t go on and 5 minutes later someone is there to give me hug. I cry myself to sleep and than have a dream about him. It’s happened way too often in the last 4 months to be coincidental. My sad moments still completely outnumber the happy ones…but if I can have one good day that means there’s hope for more…right?

My good day started out with breakfast with my friend Vicki. Our Sunday morning schedules hadn’t meshed for a few weeks so we had a lot to catch up on. It was great and so relaxing. Levi and I went out shopping this afternoon. The stores/parking lots were a little crazy, but I managed…and had a good time hanging out with him. I went for a walk with my friend Jen this afternoon…hadn’t seen her for awhile either, so another fun catch-up. Then I stopped at Caribou to grab coffee and ran into a friend I haven’t seen in months…and that was the icing on my good day…even better than the coffee! Throw in some texts and phone calls with friends and my day was really good! I even managed to go through some more stuff in our bedroom and go through a box of outerwear. Packed some more bags of long out-grown caps, gloves, mittens, and coats.

Family Vacation July, 2020: Cooking us breakfast 🙂

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