Caught a Cold

I caught a cold. I can’t even remember the last time I was sick. I was able to rest pretty much all of Sunday…other than carting Levi to and from tennis…and am home from work today. I miss Jason being here to take care of me. If he were here he would be taking care of all the kids’ stuff and all the house things so that I could just rest. He would be the one driving the kids to their activities, taking the dogs for a walk, making dinner, etc. He would often either take a day off work or work from home on days that I was sick. He would nag me to take medicine…which I hate doing…make sure I was drinking enough liquids. In the evening I would lay on the couch with my head in his lap while we watched a movie. If I had a headache he would give the best temple massages. And at night he would cuddle me in bed even if I was coughing or blowing my nose every few minutes and he couldn’t get any sleep.

I am very blessed and thankful for my friends that have been checking in on me. It’s not that I need anything really…every delivery driver in Apple Valley knows the way to my house I’m pretty sure…but it’s nice to feel loved.


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