Feeling Low

Not in a great headspace today. Anna is coming home tomorrow so I’m trying to focus on that…but just feeling really down. Writing…listening to music…drinking wine…cuddling dogs.


I miss living.
Feeling alive and whole
Knowing happiness and contentment
And the best love…always…and always.

Now I try
I try so hard
But I’m just surviving.
Spinning my wheels…round…and round.

Everything is fake
This can’t be real
Wake me from this nightmare
Groundhogs Day…again…and again.

I’m on edge all the time
My jaw clenched tight
There’s a chasm inside
A scream fighting to take over…and over…and over.

If I shatter into pieces
No one can put me back together
So I wake up in this fake life again
And keep on going…and going…and going.

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