Tree is Up

I feel like I spent a lot of time this weekend “chasing peace”…trying to figure out the right combination of “alone time” and “people time”…and how to make sure “alone time” doesn’t just feel like “lonely time”.

Saturday morning the boys and I had our usual breakfast together. I had a really good talk with them about how I am feeling lonely and really need them to spend a little time with me in the evenings…more than the 10 minutes it takes to gulp down dinner. I think they took my words to heart because they worked together yesterday morning to install a doorbell for me. Then Levi had tennis and Seth went to work, but Levi installed a thermostat in the afternoon for me as well.

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Vicki…always a great way to start out Sunday. Then Levi helped me “Christmas” our house a little bit while Seth was at work. While Levi had his tennis lesson this afternoon I met a friend for coffee…which was great…friends and coffee are always a good idea 🙂 Seth hung out with me while I made dinner…yes, I set off the smoke alarm…it just isn’t a homemade meal without it I guess. Then another friend came over for a few drinks this evening.

It’s really hard to balance because being alone quickly becomes lonely…but being too busy gives me anxiety. I do know that I do better when I am able to connect with people in “my tribe” in some way…drinks, coffee, breakfast, etc. As much as I want to just stay in bed and pull the covers over my head I am realizing that I need to be connecting with people to keep my mental and emotional health in a good-ish place.

The Holidays are throwing a whole new element into the mix. Christmas is usually my favorite time of year and I am just dreading it this year. I tried to go out Christmas shopping yesterday…got teary…and just came home. Usually Jason would be all about helping me come up with ideas for the kids and shopping with me. I just don’t want to do it. I bought a fake tree from Target today because I don’t feel like doing a real one. Jason was the one that always made sure the tree was watered and I’m sure that without him it would just lose all it’s needles before Christmas even comes. Levi put up the tree and helped me put out my gnomes…they always make me smile. The tree might not get decorated, but it’s up. I’m trying to make an effort for the kids and kind of take my cues from them…what they want to do…what they don’t really care about…but we’re all struggling.

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