I was texting with my SIL a little bit ago while getting some lines down for a new poem that’s been rolling around in my head. My left thumb reached over to fidget with my wedding rings (Mine and Jason’s) on my ring finger….and instant panic…overly pokey prongs…one bent way over…and no diamond in my ring.

I turned the flashlight on my phone and frantically started looking for it while trying to hold back hysterical sobs…pretty sure I would never find it. Did I mention that I had just gotten home from walking the dogs…in the dark? I retraced my steps in the house…no luck. I went out into the garage shining my flashlight on the step and garage floor. Opened the door to my car….and there it was…on the floor mat. I can’t even describe how relieved I was. I don’t think I’m overly attached to material possessions…but this one…yes. It borders on a “one ring to rule them all” obsession.

I’d really like to find a jeweler that can do some cool thing with our rings together and somehow rework mine so that the prongs don’t get caught so easily. This is the second time the diamond has come completely out…I don’t want to chance a third.

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