Wine, Friendship, Music, and Poetry

I’m in a pretty chill place right now after spending the evening with a good friend and a couple glasses of wine. Everyone needs at least one friend that they can trust to talk about anything with…no judgement. I am blessed to have a few that really get me and put up with me…I know I’m a little “extra”.

I have been listening to this Keith Urban song on repeat since last night. I don’t even know how I first came across it, but it is so good. I’m so thankful for so many good memories.

So many things today that I wish I could tell Jason about…I’ll write them in my “Letters to my Husband” journal later that I got from another good friend. It’s missing Jason in the day-to-day that inspired this poem today.

Ordinary Time

Missing the ordinary-
The normal-
The boring
Every day.

Get up-
Fill up my cup-
Kiss goodbye
Work for the day.

Come home-
Kiss hello-
How was your day?
Mine was so-so

Who did you see?
What did they say?
Dinner with the kids
Make sure school’s going okay.

Do dishes-
Walk the dogs-
My hand in your elbow
Strolling along.

We talk about everything-
Or nothing-
It doesn’t matter
Just happy together.

Come home-
Relax on the couch-
Or help with homework
Math is your realm.

The day is done-
Get ready for bed-
Good night kiss
Before “I love you” is said

We didn’t know it then-
But I know it now-
Wedded bliss is abundant
In ordinary time.

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