Happy Birthday Anna!

Today is our Baby Girl’s 20th birthday! So crazy! I think Jason and I were barely back from our Honeymoon and I was telling him I wanted to have a baby. I remember him telling me that he wanted to wait until at least after Christmas…and that’s pretty much what we did.

Anna was a bit of a challenge. Because Jason is a twin we had an early ultrasound to check for twins. There were a few moments where two techs were looking at the screen before they said “Okay. Only one. We thought for a few moments there were two”. Then at the ultrasound where they are able to determine the sex she was sleeping soundly with her legs crossed. The tech wouldn’t even guess. Jason wanted him to poke my belly a bit to get the baby to wake up…a suggestion I did not approve of one bit with a full bladder.

Her due date was Oct. 21. Which came and went with no sign of baby. Everyone kept telling me I could have a Halloween baby. I didn’t think there was any way I would still be pregnant on Halloween…well…I was. I finally went into labor on Halloween. I think it was 11pm when we went into the hospital. Some of the nurses were wearing costumes.

I discovered two important things about Jason that night. Number one. He really, really, really is not a lot of help in the delivery room. He was excellent at a lot of things…seeing his wife in pain…combined with blood and other “stuff”…not his strong suit. I think his eyes ventured “south” once during Anna’s birth. He caught a glimpse of my bloody sock…I heard the nurse say “Dad, you doing okay”…and pretty soon he had a nurse as well. Telling him to put his head between his knees and bringing him snacks. When Seth and Levi were born I let the nurses know ahead of time to keep an eye on him.

The second thing I learned is more important…all of my suspicions about Jason being excellent “Dad material” were confirmed. Once Anna was born he was all about being the best Dad he could possibly be. He changed diapers. Rocked her to sleep. Played with her endlessly. During her “challenging years”…and she had quite a few…he and I would tag-team dealing with her. When one of us ran out of patience the other was “it”. He loved his “Nonnie” with his whole heart.

Now she is an amazing young woman. Almost half-way through her Sophomore year of college at UW-Eau Claire. She is finding what she is passionate about. She is involved…has great friends…is happy. All of the things parents want their kids to be. I am so proud of her and know that Jason was too. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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