I spent the evening with my sister Emily, my brother-in-law Tim, and Anna (my Baby Girl). Oh my gosh…it felt so good to spend the evening laughing with them…telling stories…hanging out. Emily is my baby sister. I was a Sophomore in high school when she was born. I think she was about four when Jason and I became “Ree and Jas”. This is my absolute favorite picture of the two of them. I knew right then he would be a really good Dad.

We are going to go watch the UW-Eau Claire football game tomorrow…and more importantly the marching band’s halftime show. It does my heart so much good to see how well Anna is doing here at UW-Eau Claire. She is really thriving…Jason would be so very proud of her…his Daddy’s girl.

Now is the time when I start to feel really sad and alone. Listening to music…writing…and wishing I had my person here with me. Nothing can take his place. I just keep looking for him…wishing he were here…

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