When Jason was home and I would go to work I would keep track of people that I had seen…who had asked how he was doing…funny stories…anything that I could tell him when I got home. Today at work we had the girls 1AA Individual Tennis Section Tournament. Jason’s tennis coach from his “glory days” at Red Wing High School was there…the legendary Tom Gillman. Coach always meant a lot to Jason. He and his wife Theresa came to our wedding. I remember when Anna was born and we were down in Red Wing visiting Jason’s Mom and Dad we called Coach so he could come over and see her. Jason played in tennis tournaments in Red Wing for years. We saw them several times in the 15 months that Jason was sick.

Today when I saw Coach at work all I could think was “I have to remember to tell Jason that I saw Gillman today when I get home”. And then I would catch myself and remember. Ripped my heart out every time.

This afternoon I published the page I had been working on title “Jason’s Glioblastoma Journey”. You can check it out if you’d like to know more about Jason’s diagnosis, the treatments that he had, etc. I couldn’t write about his last 6 days yet…so it’s a work in progress.

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