Coincidence? I Think Not!

Do you ever feel like certain people are put in your life at certain moments for a reason? I totally had that feeling today. First, I have to set the scene. For the past week I have been trying to get all the life insurance sh..stuff figured out. Jason had policies through three different companies…the one that was through Boston Scientific I think I have taken care of. Simple claim form I’m just wanting on my check. Then there’s the other ones…let’s call them Company A and Company B…they want me to meet with someone to go through the form…I don’t want to meet with someone…I just want to get this over with so I can pay my bills. Or just give me my husband back and you can keep your money.

So I have an appointment with the guy at Company A tomorrow. It’s where the majority of the policies are. I print the paperwork today and I am confused…seems like one of Jason’s policies is actually an annuity. I know nothing about this stuff. I’m asking around to a few people because I do not want to go into this meeting blind tomorrow. I don’t know the guy I’m meeting with…not sure that I really trust he has my best interests at heart…and I would just like to have some idea. Only answer that I’m really getting to my questions is “it all depends what kind of annuity it is”…Okay…I don’t know.

So I get in my car to drive home from work and decide to call the guy at Company B back because he has left a couple messages and I haven’t connected with him….his name is Jason. So I introduce myself to him. He immediately knows who I am and then starts talking to me and my first impression of this guy is…”oh my. He cannot even talk. What is wrong with him?” So suddenly he stops and says “okay. I have to give you some background because I’m struggling. My wife died of brain cancer 5 years ago. We have 6 kids. She was 43. I know exactly what you are going through right now. I’ve been there”. He gave me great advice on what to do with my policies. Straight up told me what my rights are and what I’m entitled to. By the time I pulled into my driveway we were crying together over the phone. He not only helped me with the policies at his company, but gave me the confidence I need to walk into my meeting at Company A tomorrow and feel like I know what I’m talking about…at least a little bit.

So hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have life insurance crossed off my list? Maybe?

October 2020

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