Done Insurance-ing

Well, I feel like after today I can put at least a small checkmark next to Life Insurance on my long ass list of Things To Do. I have all the “have to be made right now” decisions done and can breathe a little easier now…and pay my bills. No van down by the river for us.

Linc, Emmett, and I met up with a friend of mine tonight and her dood Scarlett to go for a walk. Linc and Scarlett had met when they were puppies and Emmett had never met Scarlett. The five of us had a good walk and it was good catching up with her. The doods enjoyed making a new friend.

Now I’m just sitting here feeling extremely tired and sad. I miss having Jason to share my evenings with…to talk about our days…unwind together. Instead I blog, which does help me process my day…but it’s no replacement for Jason.

At the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

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