Happy Heavenly Birthday

Today is Jason’s 44th birthday…his 1st one in Heaven. Ugh…how all the first things without him suck. So many extra reminders of him not being here…empty spaces that were his.

If he were here we would go out to dinner tonight. Probably somewhere not too fancy because he wouldn’t want to make too big a deal out of it. He’d order an Old Fashioned…with bourbon, not brandy…sorry my Wisconsin friends who make them wrong…and then we would just spend time as a family.

This week I’ve been listening to this song a lot…”Memories” by Maroon Five

So if you’re thinking about Jason and our family today on his birthday. Raise your glass of whatever you are drinking…Old Fashioned or otherwise…and think of your favorite memory of him. He’ll feel us…I know he will.

Happy Birthday Babe
Wish you were here.
I would wake you up with kisses
And whisper in your ear.

Instead you are gone
And nothing feels right.
Without you by my side
Holding me tight

People keep saying
You're in a better place.
But you were happy here
Always a smile on your face.

I know you felt pain
Memory loss and confusion
Is it selfish to want you back?
Death is an unfair conclusion.

I hope you are happy now
Painfree and whole
Playing tennis like you loved
Before the ability was stole.

So happy birthday my love
My angel in Heaven
Keep watching over us
Until we meet again.

Jason’s 40th Birthday

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