Busy Weekend!

Baby Girl came home on Friday. She will be home for the next week and then she’ll get on the plane for South Africa next Wednesday. She is working during the week, but took the weekends off to spend with her Mama. When Anna is home my “puttering” in the yard turns into full-on yard work. She keeps me focused and doesn’t let me keep flitting from shiny thing to shiny thing. We weeded. We mulched. We planted. We found spots that we needed more flowers 🙂 Then we enjoyed fires and beverages…

Seth has been working quite a bit. He is really liking his job at the Edina Country Club. He comes home smiley and chatty. “Mom, everyone there is so nice”. So far it hasn’t been very busy and his introverted soul is enjoying the slower pace. I am breathing the biggest sigh of relief that he is enjoying it…and still remembers to ask about my day when he gets home. Honestly, he is the biggest sweetheart.

Levi’s girlfriend turned 16 and got her driver’s license on Friday. Whole new ballgame people! I think this is the first weekend in over a year that I haven’t had to drive him to her house or drive her home. That part is very nice. It was very strange when they randomly showed up here on Saturday afternoon though…

And now it’s Monday.

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