Mother’s Day 2023

I had a really good Mother’s Day today. Baby Girl didn’t come home this weekend since she was home the past two weekends and will be moving back home on Friday. I did talk to her yesterday and text with her today though. My boys showed me lots of love. Seth and I dropped Levi off at his tennis lesson this morning and then went out for coffee. The three of us went out for pizza for lunch. One of our favorite pro tennis players was playing this afternoon so we recovered from our food comas in front of the tv. The rain stopped and the sun came out. Seth helped me put up my hammock. Levi grilled dinner. It was just all very relaxing.

My favorite verb of this spring so far is “putter”. I spend a lot of time puttering in my yard. It’s a good thing lots of my flowers are in pots because I am enjoying moving them around and creating different “spaces”. In past years I really focused on my gazebo, well this year my gazebo is having some structural integrity/roof issues and I haven’t been able to enjoy it. Thankfully, my deck has been awesome and I’ve been spending more time there…but I can’t really enjoy the flowers on the gazebo unless I am in the gazebo…so thus the moving of the plants today. I’ll have to take more pictures tomorrow, but this is my “hammock space”. It will look even better with new mulch spread underneath it.

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