California Day 7 and Home!

Our last full day in Cali was Saturday. We spent the day watching tennis…of course! The boys and I watched Sinner v Gasquet, Paul v Struff, the end of Murray v Albot, Rybakina v Kenin, and McDonald v Rune. My favorite player to watch was Sinner. Love his style and how he covers the court. I will miss watching tennis this close with mountains and palm trees as the backdrop…especially the mountains!

After tennis we went back to our house and got all packed up…anticipating an early morning with a 9am flight. Instead our flight was delayed to 5pm and we ended up having to kill some time. I enjoyed one last Bloody Mary by the pool and we went to Elmer’s and had a huge brunch.

Then we had some “hang around the airport” time. I was thankful that the boys were very easy-going and just went with it. Our plane landed back in cold and snowy MN about 10:30 last night and it was about 11:30 before we were back home.

Ooof…it was tough getting up for work today and I am so tired, but also feeling more relaxed and energized. As emotional as tennis vacations can be for me they also feel good because they make my boys so happy and feel like a link to Jason. Seth gave me the biggest hug on Saturday night and thanked me for vacation and told me he loved me. That right there is priceless. Jason would be so proud of that kid. He has really stepped up in the past month and I think noticed how hard things are for me. Many, many times this week he made sure I was okay…doing good…having fun. He made sure I wasn’t getting lost…that I was getting to see the players I wanted to watch…that emotionally I was good. We had so many good conversations. Levi is a little more self-absorbed…and girlfriend-absorbed…right now, but he’ll get there…especially when Seth has been giving him a little pushback.

Tonight I’m enjoying sitting at my desk…writing and enjoying some quiet time…dogs at my feet. I really missed this spot while I was gone!

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