California Day 6

We all welcomed a low key day yesterday after a long day of tennis watching the day before. Had a lazy morning and then the boys and I headed over to the Marriott Resort that Erik is staying at. Honestly, it is a tennis lover’s paradise. Something like 13 hard courts, 3 clay courts, and 2 grass courts. Seth had played a Father/Son tournament with Jason on clay courts a few years back, but had never played on grass. Levi hadn’t played on either surface. They played an hour on clay and an hour on grass. I even had to try out the grass a little bit. I loved it…probably because it was a slower surface and the ball didn’t bounce up so high. Kinda getting the itch to try to pick up my racquet again after watching so much tennis…and then hitting again for 5 minutes…we’ll see!

Luckily Mother Nature waited until after we were done playing tennis to bring us our obligatory rain on vacation. We were sitting in the hot tub when the rain came and decided to bail on that plan and hit In and Out. Erik was talking it up so much as a “must do”…and Seth kept giving me puppy dog eyes…so I caved. I think that the closest thing that I would describe it to that we have at home is Five Guys. They do this thing called “animal style” where they put melted cheese and extra sauce and fried onions on your burger and/or your fries. I decided to go “all in” and got both my burger and my fries like that…somehow forgetting that I really don’t like it when my food is “messy”. It was “eh” for me, but I’m glad that we tried it!

After In and Out we headed back to the house and ended up watching tennis on TV…lol. Berrettini played last night. Unfortunately, he lost…so my Matteo watching days are over…for now.

Today we are heading back to Indian Wells. I think it will be another long day since Tiafoe is playing doubles this evening and he is on the “must see” list.

Tomorrow morning we head back to Minnesota. It will be a bit of a rough re-entry into reality going from this California weather back to all the snow that has come down in MN while we’ve been gone. The two hour time difference, plus losing an hour for daylight savings is also going to majorly screw up everyone’s internal clock. I’m ready to be back home though. Lots of really great memories have been made on this trip and it was really fun, but also exhausting! It is always a little bit tricky…especially when vacationing with other people…to get that right mixture of “stuff” and “downtime”. This vacation ended up being a little heavy on the “stuff”…but that’s okay!

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