Last week I went to the Empty Chair Service at River Valley Church. I went last year as well and honestly don’t remember much of it except for crying a lot and lighting candles. This year there was still some crying and I did light a candle, but I was also able to take a lot more in and listen more…not only to the pastor, but to my own heart. One of the things that I have been thinking about is hope…

What is Hope?
The whisper of a promise
The spark that becomes an ember
The nudge that moves you forward 

Fighting tooth and nail against
The torrent holding you back
Keeping you paralyzed 
The night becomes darker
A bitter cold seeps into your bones
Your future unfathomable

But in that dark, cold stillness
When it seems like there is nothing left
Your senses take over 
     A whisper 
          A warmth 
               A tug

And that is Hope

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