Poetry with Levi

Levi had an assignment this week to write a poem about a picture of him with another person. He chose this picture of him with his Dad. I helped him write the poem…so hard to not just sit and cry, but I did okay. I’m glad that he wanted to use this particular picture because it is such a great memory of our last time up at Ruttgers. Jason was holding my pole while I was putting a worm on for Anna and all of a sudden he had a fish on. If Levi wouldn’t have been there to help him reel it in I think I would have lost my pole to the lake.

Northern Memory

Sitting on the dock with my Dad
He's holding my Mom's pole
Fish On!

Excitement like a kid on Christmas morning
A splash of slippers
The fish fights angrily
Slippery like an eel

I can still feel the sun on my face
And the aroma of fish and worms
I wish I could go back to
Sitting on the dock with my Dad.

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