Saturday Poetry

I was out running errands this morning and suddenly a poem was writing itself in my brain. It’s been awhile since that’s happened. Lately it’s just bits and pieces…nothing coming out whole. So when my plans for the day changed…and I ended up with the rest of the day to myself…I took advantage of the nice day and took my laptop out to my gazebo.

Your Voice

My ears still long to hear
And my heart just can’t let go
Of the words falling from your lips
Engraved forever on my soul.

I don’t remember the first I love you
But I can’t forget the last
Who would have guessed the time between
Would have gone so fast

From “Good morning Babe” each dawn
To “I love you” at days end
All the texts and calls inbetween
Sometimes just a heart and then press send

Our walks in the evenings
“How was your day”
Sharing our stresses-
Suddenly everything is okay

After a long week-
Friday night out with friends
I look in your eyes and they speak to me-
I know how the night will end

And when our heads would share one pillow
Our voices just a whisper
No one else exists
Just us- our dreams and future

And now the silence
It’s deafening
My emotions at war
Loneliness has me spiraling

I try to find some peace
Deep within my psyche
Music and poetry are my saviors
When nothing else gets me

It fills the silence in my head
Puts words to my pain
Keeps me company
Until I hear your voice again

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