September Stress

This has been a week of trying to keep my anxiety and stress from spiraling out of control. I feel like I’m so tightly wound I’m gonna snap. Not sleeping well. And when I do sleep my stress infiltrates my dreams. Horrible.

Work has been really stressful the past two weeks. Lots of changes plus training three new people. My schedule changed, which for the most part has been good because I now have time to work out in the mornings before I start. Best thing ever. Other than the physical benefits it really does wonders for my mental health and gets my mind in a better place before I start work and interacting with people.

My siding project is the biggest mess right now. After waiting…getting pushed back…again…and again…they finally started working on my siding on Monday. They got the back and one side of my house looking like the picture below. I expected them to show up on Tuesday and continue working. No one showed up. Spent the morning trying to contact someone to find out what was going on. Finally got in touch with the guy in the office who said that my sofits were never delivered…so the project has to be stopped until those come. So…who knows when that will be. Why they can’t keep working on the rest I don’t know. He did tell me that a different project manager has been assigned to my project because I’ve been so frustrated with the other one. We’ll see if that helps. Right now I just want my project done and to be done with this company. Then I start to wonder if they treat all their customers this way or if they are just taking advantage of me…super shitty feeling.

Next week I am spending five days in a cabin Up North with my in-laws. I’m looking forward to it, but also getting super anxious about leaving my house….leaving the boys and dogs to take care of each other…this stupid project in limbo…ugh

I have been really enjoying my gazebo this week. I love it when it is chilly enough outside to flip the fire on. I could stare into the flames and listen to music for hours. Almost fell asleep out there the other night all cozy in my rumpl blanket. If you like to spend time outside you should look up rumpl blankets…like wrapping yourself up in a sleeping bag…but awesomer.

Dermot Kennedy has been getting lots of repeats on my playlist lately. Love his gravely Irish accent and the power in his voice. And his lyrics are pure poetry. This version of this song….magical

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