Sanctuary Progress

Today I am happy to report progress on my backyard sanctuary. I came home from work today to find the fence company here finishing up our fence. I am so happy with the way it turned out. It has already made a huge difference in the way I feel both when I am out in our yard and when I look out at our yard.

Coincidentally, our deck/siding project also started today. The first step was removing the old deck. So now we have a fenced in yard and still can’t open the patio door and just let the dogs out…lol. That’s okay…it is no big deal to let them out the door in the back of the garage. It was fun watching them “discover” their whole yard today. Emmett was all about playing fetch and Linc just wanted to explore…he already found the burrs!

I am anxious to get outside now and get my gazebo all set up how I want it. I am confident that we will get so much more enjoyment out of our yard and it will truly become our sanctuary. I see so much potential now in different areas instead of just looking outside and feeling so overwhelmed I was paralyzed. Jason would really love this improvement!

One thought on “Sanctuary Progress

  1. The fence really looks awesome! So excited to see what you’re envisioning now that some of the biggest steps are either done or on their way to completion!


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