Aug 4, 2022–One Year

The day is here…and actually it isn’t hitting me as hard as I anticipated…at least not yet. I think the past two weeks were harder on me…remembering the “beginning of the end” so to speak and all the emotions wrapped up in that.

Today I am focused on honoring his memory with our kids…which for them means doing things he liked to do and eating some of his favorite foods. We are going to spend time this afternoon playing tennis together. Then we are meeting my in-laws for dinner. I am making some of Jason’s favorite desserts to bring along.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at pictures from before Jason was diagnosed…remembering all the happy years we had together. I think we packed more love and happiness in almost 21 years of marriage than a lot of people manage in their lifetimes. I will always feel grateful and lucky that we found each other and had such a happy love-filled life together.

Tomorrow I’m taking a day for myself. My happy place is by water…so I’m going to find some water…try to find my peace and recharge a bit.

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