Bluejays and Foxes

Today was a pretty good day again. The kids and I enjoyed our breakfast together this morning. We went to a different restaurant this week than we usually do. It was a good to change it up a little bit. My Caramel Irish Coffee was delicious…Baileys and butterscotch schnapps in my coffee? Yes please.

When we got home Anna and Levi put their stubborn personalities to good use and shimmied and shoved and got the lawn mower out of the garage. It was trapped in the back behind all the furniture that got put in there this winter when I redid the basement and living room. I have a company coming to take a bunch of the junk on Saturday morning, but the lawn couldn’t wait until then!

Then Anna went to work and Seth went to play tennis, but Levi spent most of the day with me. We filled up the birdfeeders and got the lawn mowed and weed whacked. He and I also talked quite a bit about what we would like to do with our yard and contacted a couple landscape companies to come give us estimates….as well as a fencing company. We’ll see what we can do this summer to turn our backyard into a peaceful sanctuary that we feel like we can hang out in.

Levi and I also both had tennis lessons this afternoon. It always feels good to take some aggression out by smacking some balls around…especially now that my game is feeling a lot better than it used to. If you would like your game to also feel better, I know a guy…lol. Levi is playing the best tennis of his life right now and just getting better. It’s really fun to watch his improvement. He is playing singles in Individual Sections this week…should be some good tennis!

Lately I’ve been thinking about blue jays and foxes. Jason and I always enjoy watching the birds in our backyard. We have always had birdfeeders out…the squirrel-proof kind of course! Every once in awhile we would try a different kind of food or different kind of feeder…just to see what we would attract. Well, one of the feeders that Jason wanted to try is a peanut feeder. It basically looks like a slinky connected in a circle that you fill with peanuts in the shell. Well, it does attract birds…blue jays. Now in the hierarchy of birds, blue jays are not really near the top. They are kind of noisy and obnoxious. They often just come and take peanut after peanut and then stash them somewhere. They can empty that peanut feeder in an afternoon. Some people would just give up and take the feeder down, not Jason. He loved watching those darn blue jays. He didn’t care that they weren’t “cool birds”. So I keep filling that feeder up for him and thinking of him every time I see those blue jays.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it before, but the morning Jason passed away there was a red fox that went strolling across our backyard. Not completely unusual. We get the gamut of wild life here…deer, raccoons, fox, opossum, coyote, turkeys, etc. But this one kind of paused and turned and looked at me where I was watching it through the patio door…and it’s eyes looked so sad. I’ve been watching for another fox ever since and hadn’t seen one until last weekend when I was driving to Wabasha. I was right outside of Lake City and suddenly there were three of them playing on the trail between the lake and the road. And now I’ve been dreaming about foxes and can’t get them out of my head.

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