Happy Easter

We had a really nice day today. Ribs and cheesy potatoes for lunch at Jason’s sister’s house. Usually eating ribs is not my favorite, but Brent always smokes them so perfectly that the meat falls right off the bone…no gross gnawing required…lol. We visited for a little while before heading home so that Anna could head back to school. It was really nice…especially since their cat left me alone…ha! Not a cat person.

The kids humored me with a picture…

I’ve been using an app called Yousician to learn how to play the piano. It has been really fun. I get frustrated sometimes and have to remind myself to be patient…ha! I’m really good with C-G on my right hand…going beyond that takes a lot of brain work right now…but I wanted a new challenge right? I have found that I need to wait until I am by myself to try to play otherwise I will soon get “bumped off the bench” by a kid showing me how it’s done. It’s not fair that those young minds pick things up so much more quickly. I suppose it helps that they already know how to read music and are in band!

I got Anna back off to school and Levi dropped off at his tennis lesson and then visited Jason’s bench for a little bit. The weather was…of course…gross by that time…but it felt good to go there for a little bit and clear my head. Lately it feels like there’s “everything and nothing” going on in my head all at the same time. Like my thoughts are spinning so fast they have all just turned into a foggy blur and I can’t focus on anything.

I hope everyone else had a nice Easter as well.

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